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Dental experts detail the awful mistakes most people make, revealing why you should brush the gums, NOT the teeth and NEVER rinse A shocking half of the US population don’t brush their teeth twice daily This is one of many common mistakes most of commit unknowingly every day You should brush your teeth before you eat and refrain from rinsing your mouth Toothbrushes should also be stored away from the toilet, which sends poo particlesRead More
POSTED BY: TOM PHILPOTT APRIL 20, 2017 Military Update: Responsibility to provide dental care coverage to 1.37 million active duty family members, and 376,000 Reserve and Guard members and their families, will shift May 1 from MetLife to United Concordia Companies, Inc., of Harrisburg, Pa. The change in TRICARE Dental Program contractor will bring lower patient premiums and a modest expansion of covered services. However, United Concordia also will lower key reimbursements to dentists belowRead More
Inspired by social media, some people are turning to rubber bands, fishing line and paper clips in an effort to perfect their own pearly whites – a practice that orthodontists warn could lead to gum irritation, misalignment and tooth loss. (Randall Benton / Sacramento Bee / TNS) Sammy CaiolaThe Sacramento Bee In this age of do-it-yourself everything, orthodontists say teeth straightening is one task you should leave to the professionals. Inspired by social media, someRead More
Will Trade War Make Your Dentist Visits Even Costlier? Jared S Hopkins BloombergApril 21, 2017 More To get a feel for what’s at stake in the U.S. trade debate, run your tongue over your molars. Implants, crowns and bridges made in places like China and Mexico compose as much as 40 percent of the $8.5 billion U.S. market for dental restorations. They sell for a fraction of U.S. prices and boost profits for group practices and theRead More
Don’t have time for an intensive at-home whitening treatment? Brian Kantor, DDS, a New York-based cosmetic dentist at Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor, who treats stars like Penelope Cruz and 50 Cent, suggests this toothpaste for brightening on the quick. “This toothpaste will make teeth appear brighter instantly. It contains Bluverite® technology, which deposits blue microparticles onto teeth and creates the optical illusion of whiter teeth. As with all other whitening toothpastes, it removes surface stainsRead More